ÄITI London -Nordic style designer knitwear and accessories.



Welcome to Äiti London

AITI means ‘mother’ in Finnish and is the name of this small brand of designer knitwear and scarves, dedicated to my own mother and to all women. Our pieces are stylish, lovely to wear and affordable, appealing to women of all ages.

Quality and sustainability are as important to AITI as good design. We produce limited quantities of knitwear that can be worn through changing seasons and fashions due to their quiet elegance. Our recurring colour palette means that pieces from seasons past and present can sit comfortably together in your wardrobe.

Our choice of yarn is dependent on the season, but will focus mainly on wool, cotton and cashmere, plus mixes thereof. We use suppliers with sustainable credentials sourced by us or our factory in China. We have worked with this factory for several years and have a very close relationship with our team monitoring all aspects of production — from prototype to finished garment, ensuring that our high-quality standards are met.

The AITI collection features a recurring muted colour palette of black, grey and navy through the seasons, enhanced with injections of white, ivory the occasional splash of colour to brighten the look.

‘My dream is for AITI pieces to be your wardrobe staples that transcend seasons and bring a smile to your face each time you wear them. I hope you enjoy browsing the collection and would love to receive any feedback from you.’
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